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The story behind
Carol’s Amazing Gluten Free ALL PURPOSE Flour

Carol Kicinski from Simply Gluten Free bakingWhile developing new recipes for my Simply…Gluten Free Desserts cookbook, I found that other flour blends on the market were too gritty and had a “cardboard” taste to them that was ruining the texture and the flavor of my desserts and breakfast baked goods.

I was tired of the half-hearted, “This tastes good.”

I decided a “gourmet flour blend” was needed for not only normal cooking and baking requirements but that would also satisfy my gluten free cooking needs up to a level of “pastry quality” and which was refined enough for even the most delicate of pastries.

How you can change into an “Awesome Gluten Free Baker” overnight!

Carols Gluten Free FlourSo, I researched and through much practical trial and error, I developed this gluten free flour blend.

I tested recipes made with this flour on hundreds of people who normally eat gluten (regular wheat flour) and the response was overwhelming. The vast majority of taste testers could detect no difference and there were many who even stated that they actually preferred baked goods made with this flour.

I had a professionally trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef challenge the flour for two weeks under every test he could put it through – would it perform for Muffins? Cookies? Cakes? Pizza Dough? Cream Puffs? Pie Crusts? Yes! And even his sauces came out perfect! It passed all his cooking tests with flying colors. Needless to say, I was very pleased!

Most importantly, it passed all MINE and MY FAMILIES tests in every possible baking scenario and made my recipes taste awesome!

This blend bakes and tastes just like regular wheat flour – all your baked goods come out PERFECT!

There is no grittiness or weirdness in the texture or added flavors that distract from the recipe.

Gluten Free Carol Kicinski CookingIt works for all cupcakes, pizza dough, cakes, pie crusts, cookies and muffins – anything* for which you would use regular flour! And delicate pastries can be made to perfection!  Note that gluten free breads require additional ingredients that contain proteins to make it raise properly. This flour by itself is not intended for bread making but when you add the needed additional ingredients, it works perfect.

You can now easily and successfully convert yours and Grandma’s favorite recipes to “gluten Free”

It is used cup-for-cup just the same as regular flour*.  You can convert all your favorite and all grandma’s favorite recipes to gluten free.

I have personally directed the blending of this flour to ensure you get the correct formula delivered from my kitchen to your kitchen.

Give my Flour a chance and I’ll show you it works perfect every time!

I’ll even go one step further – I guarantee you 100% satisfaction in any recipe you use this flour in – I’ll refund your money on the flour for any reason whatsoever!

I hope you too enjoy cooking and baking your favorite recipes as I do with this special flour blend – all gluten-free!


*Note: Gluten free breads require additional ingredients that contain proteins to make it raise properly. This flour is not intended for bread making.

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